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How to Sell on Macy’s Marketplace

Macy’s is one of the most famous department store chains in the world. Through Macy’s Marketplace, third party sellers can put their products in Macy's shop window.

Macy’s has recently launched a third-party marketplace to broaden its offering to customers. By creating new product categories, they are hoping to cater to everything a customer needs. In this article we explain how to sell on Macy’s marketplace to maximise sales.

What is Macy’s marketplace?

We are going to start by assuming that you are familiar with Macy’s, one of the largest department stores in the US. Not only are its brick-and-mortar stores popular, but they also make a lot of their sales online.

Many of the most successful e-commerce companies are turning to third-party sellers to help with boosting profits. Macy’s is no different, announcing their partnership with Mirakl in 2021. The partnership would see Mirakl powering the marketplace platform on and

With some marketplaces, including many of the top 10 online fashion marketplaces to sell on, anybody can sign up and begin selling to customers. Macy’s marketplace is a bit different because it is a curated marketplace.

What is a curated marketplace?

A curated marketplace is one where the retailer decides who is allowed to sell to their customers. Selling on Amazon is a bit different because anybody can sign up and begin selling products (within reason!)

Macy’s are offering a curated marketplace because they are wanting to expand their product offering at a low cost. By choosing the vendors who get to sell on Macy’s marketplace, they are maintaining their brand and value proposition.

They are also able to experiment with selling products in new categories without taking on the risk themselves.

What are the new categories on Macy’s marketplace?

As announced on, some of the new categories and brands being sold includes:

  • Baby & Children’s apparel (Bonsie Baby, Dabble & Dollop, Wabi Baby)
  • Beauty & Wellness (L’Occitane, Mary Ruth’s)
  • Electronics (LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL)
  • Gifting (The Million Roses, Teaspressa, Wrappr)
  • Home (Ettitude, Smeg, Sunday Citizen, W&P)
  • Maternity (Everly Grey, Ingrid & Isabel)
  • Pets (Little Beast)
  • Toys & Video Games (Magna-Tiles)

In all, there are more than 20 new product categories and over 400 new brands to meet the diverse requirements of Macy’s customers.

How to Sell on Macy’s marketplace

Because of Macy’s marketplace – and Bloomingdale's marketplace – being curated, it isn’t easy to sell on Macy’s. That being said, the company is continually looking for new vendors to provide products for their stores. The number of sellers will be increasing as the marketplace becomes more popular, to meet the differing requirements of customers. Macy’s even say that they particularly welcome new vendors to bring diversity to retail.

So how to sell on Macy’s marketplace? The Retail Vendors section of their website suggests there are opportunities to sell in almost all departments, but that is primarily in the physical store. For selling on Macy’s online, it’s best to head to, the corporate website. There is a separate section for selling directly to consumers – Vendor Direct.

As you might be expecting, it initially involves filling out a few forms and meeting their requirements for selling online.

Once successful, you’ll need to make sure you have a top-quality ecommerce management software to make sure your products sell!

Award-Winning Product Feed Management Software

Get help with your marketplace management and selling on Macy’s with Intelligent Reach. An award-winning platform that allows for content experimentation (A/B testing product titles, for example), dynamic labelling, feed optimization and more. We are used by hundreds of global brands and retailers including Nike, Fitbit and Dell.

Because Mirakl powers Macy’s marketplace (as well as Bloomingdale's), it is extremely easy to improve your product feed management to set yourself up for selling on Macy’s.

We offer a product feed audit, and help with selling on hundreds of other channels and marketplaces as well. Download the marketplace management e-book to learn more.

Products not showing? It's probably your product feed.

Learn how to improve your ecommerce sales across marketplaces by booking a FREE product feed audit.

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Learn how to improve your ecommerce sales across marketplaces by booking a FREE product feed audit.

Learn More
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Henry is Senior Content Manager at Intelligent Reach. When he's not involved in pushing content experimentation and marketplace management, he can most often be found reading a book, out on a walk or playing games and watching films in VR.

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