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How to sell on Decathlon

Find out how selling on Decathlon Marketplace is a big opportunity for sports and leisure wear brands.

Decathlon, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world, launched its marketplace in late-2020 in Belgium and has since expanded to the UK, Italy and other countries across Europe. Covering more than 70 sports, selling on Decathlon is an opportunity for those selling sport and leisure wear, and is one of the top UK marketplaces.

What is Decathlon Marketplace?

Decathlon has more than 2,000 stores in 56 countries and regions but there is no way to stock everything that its customers want to buy. By combining its in-house brands and partner brands from curated vendors, the result is a leading online destination for sporting goods. For those in the UK, the website enjoys more than 30 million unique visitors a year with 70 million visits overall.

How do merchants benefit from selling on Decathlon Marketplace?

Alongside the benefits above, joining Decathlon marketplace as a seller means benefiting from Decathlon’s reputation. It is a trusted brand throughout Europe and much of the world, and vendors don’t need to spend anything on marketing as Decathlon Marketplace covers everything. Alongside this, Decathlon uses Mirakl as its marketplace partner. This means that it is easy and seamless to upload your product data to the platform, especially if you use product data or marketplace management software like Intelligent Reach's.

How do retailers sell on Decathlon Marketplace?

After all this information, you might be eager to sign up. To start selling on Decathlon marketplace, you initially fill out a form. Signing up to sell on Decathlon doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be accepted though. Decathlon runs a curated marketplace, which means it picks and chooses its suppliers. It’s possible to go about increasing your chances of being selected as a partner and becoming a Decathlon seller by:

  • Selling sporting products or services (obviously!)
  • Having capacity to fulfil your orders directly
  • Offering product information in English
  • Supplying great customer service
  • Embodying the Decathlon spirit

If you believe that you meet these five requirements, then it’s probably best to download the brochure and start filling out the form on Decathlon's website.

What does selling on Decathlon Marketplace include?

It isn’t just about selling to Decathlon customers. The company prides itself on offering its vendors top-class customer service. All partners enjoy account management services, in-store product showrooming and seller and product reviews.

As well as this, UK Decathlon partners aren’t only limited to selling in their home country. They can also sell to six other European countries – France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. In total, that gives you access to 620 million customers across the continent. With a brand insights report and the possibility of fulfilment by Decathlon later on, it all adds up to a compelling opportunity to expand your e-commerce operations.

Award-winning product feed management platform

Get help with your marketplace management and selling on Decathlon with Intelligent Reach's award-winning platform that allows content experimentation (A/B testing product titles, for example), dynamic labelling and more. We are used by hundreds of global brands and retailers including many associated with sport - Nike, Asics, JD Sports, M&M Direct and Fitbit, to name just a few.

As Mirakl powers Decathlon Marketplace, it couldn’t be easier to get your product feed set up for selling on Decathlon. Intelligent Reach is a trusted partner of Mirakl, already helping customers launch on many Mirakl-powered marketplaces.

We offer a free product feed audit, and help with selling on hundreds of other channels and marketplaces. Download our free marketplace management e-book to learn more about selling on multiple marketplaces.


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Try our award-winning multi vendor ecommerce management software today

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Henry is Senior Content Manager at Intelligent Reach. When he's not involved in pushing content experimentation and marketplace management, he can most often be found reading a book, out on a walk or playing games and watching films in VR.

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