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Missguided Drives Its Offsite Selling Performance

Uncover how Missguided's Google Shopping ads generated a 17% increase in orders and revenue, with the Intelligent Reach platform and experts by their side.

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At A Glance

What they wanted, what they got

Missguided wanted to make the most out of multiple offsite selling channels, such as Google Shopping, but had limited capabilities in creating feeds internally and optimising the core of their product listing ads: their product data feed. With access to our platform and team of experts, we helped Missguided create and amend product data themselves, maximise product visibility, grow incremental revenues, and aid their future business development.

The Results

Orders & Revenue

The Challenge

Missguided were limited in building high-quality product data feeds

Without the right tools, Missguided had limited capacity in building high-quality product data feeds when launching products onto new channels. This impacted product exposure across digital channels, customer acquisition, and the growth of incremental revenues.

Unable to create product data feeds themselves

Missguided had limited tools and knowledge when it came to creating high-quality product data feeds internally.

Not making the most of digital key sales channels

By being unable to create potentially high quality feeds, it was preventing Missguided from launching onto new channels correctly and optimising data to maximise product exposure.

How we Helped

Extending Missguided's capabilities to make offsite product marketing a breeze

Ability to create beautifully curated data feeds

Missguided are now able to create and amend their product data feeds. With the ease and speed of the platform, and specialist knowledge from the team they ensured full exposure on channels.

Flawless product data optimisation, at scale

Missguided can now organise, visualise, and quickly fix their product data, at scale. And with extensive testing capabilities, they are able to boost their offsite product ad performance.

Access to valuable product performance insight

Our platform visualises product level insight at scale. With every product ad interaction such as impressions, clicks, and conversions, it informed Missguided to make actionable decisions to optimise products for exceptional performance.

Control over spend with continual bidding

They have more than just control over product data. Bidding is always changing through both algorithmic and manual ways, based on budget, category insight, trends and more.

The Outcome

Missguided maximises product visibility for full accessibility to shoppers

Our powerful solution empowered Missguided to launch onto multiple channels and continuously improve all its offsite digital marketing activities. By easily creating high-quality feeds, optimising at a product level, launching effective experiments, and amending bidding strategies, they successfully made the most out of digital key sales channels and maximised product ad exposure to grow incremental revenues.

Orders & Revenue
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IR have enabled us to launch and optimise activity across multiple new online channels, resulting in considerable performance uplifts. The team have been a pleasure to work with, providing us with the perfect level of account guidance to actively monitor our marketing. Whats more, their proprietary platform allows us enter new channels and markets with ease.

David Williams,

Search Manager, Missguided

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