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List Manager

List Manager allows you to create or upload lists that modify the behaviour of your product data feeds. Create groups for promotions and exclusions. Add seasonal variations to product names and standardise attributes, such as colours, for improved visibility on Google Shopping and Meta.
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"List Manager functionality in Intelligent Reach is very useful. If we have a promotion running, we can group promoted product IDs in the list manager. Then we can create a rule that takes those IDs and creates a product set [for Meta ads]."

Henry Linney,

Performance Marketing Director, Seraphine

The Benefits

A quick way to update feeds with promotions, exclusions, optimisations and amends.

List Manager is a dedicated tool for uploading and managing lists to modify feeds. Single lists contain a single column of data, for example to define a group of products to be included in a special promotion. Lookup lists have two columns of data that are used to modify the values of attributes. For example, to change descriptive colours to standard colours and to improve the searchability of products on Google Shopping. Lists can be dynamic, as well as static, allowing feeds to be constantly updated by an external source such as a list of currently on-sale products.

Lists are easy to set up and apply

A list can be been imported to, or manually created in, the platform. Once it's in place, it’s easy to select it from a dropdown menu and start applying rules, to include and exclude products, to modify attributes and optimise feeds in a dynamic way.


Lists make it easy to manage products and standardise attributes

Use single lists to identify products for specific actions. Use look-up lists to search and replace attributes. Lists make it straightforward to normalise attributes such as colour and size, and to localise product names by country.


The power of dynamic lists

Lists can be pulled from a dynamic source, making your feeds dynamic too. Lists of on-sale items, special offers, seasonal offers and exclusions can all be managed remotely and mirrored, every day, in your feed updates.



What is List Manager?

List Manager allows you to create and upload lists and use them to modify the behaviour of your feeds in specific circumstances. For example, it can be used to add seasonal variations to product names, standardise on colours and include a specific list of products in promotions.

How does it work?

Add or create a list by uploading a file, having the platform automatically pull data from a sheet, or by typing values directly into the List Manager user interface. There are two main types of list: single lists contain a single column of values, and look-up lists contain two columns of values.

Simplify, Customise & Accelerate

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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5
Technology Vendor of the Year
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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5Technology Vendor of the YearGlobas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product ServiceThe Saas Awards Finalist 2021UK Business Tech Awards WInner
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