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River Island Powers Cyber Weekend Performance

Get to know how River Island achieved a higher Google Shopping revenue after launching with an optimised Shopping feed.

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At A Glance

What they wanted, what they got

River Island wanted to launch onto Google Shopping as they were looking to find new streams of offsite digital revenue. By having Intelligent Reach help launch their products onto Google Shopping with an enriched Shopping feed, they were empowered to take control of their digital selling and boost their peak trading season performance.

The Results


The Challenge

No way to quickly launch products onto Google Shopping

Prior to working with us, River Island had never utilised the benefits of Google Shopping. These Product Listing Ads are reputable for having a higher Click Through Rate and higher associated Conversion, compared to normal Text Ads. Without an easy way to create an optimised product data feed, it was difficult to reap the benefits of Google Shopping.

No way to quickly launch into channels

River Island did not have the capabilities to build a high-quality Shopping feed, making it difficult to meet Google's feed requirements. It set them back in launching into offsite digital advertising channels.

No insight into product performance KPIs

When launching onto Google Shopping, they knew they needed a way to get granular insight at product level to keep an eye on campaigns, by monitoring product performance.

Missing out on offsite selling opportunities

Having not yet launched on Google Shopping, they were missing out on valuable customer acquisition opportunities and growing incremental revenue from a popular product search destination.

How we Helped

River Island Made Their Big Move

Building high quality product data feeds to launch on channels

Our team promptly helped to create a highly optimised product data feed to maximise product visibility which would help River Island achieve their full potential on Google Shopping.

Valuable insight and control over product data & bidding

Their team now has the ability to access valuable product data insights, which helped them make informed decisions in their feed and bidding strategies.

Using offsite channels to make the most out of peak trading season

Having seen success in their Google Shopping campaigns, they were able to leverage our platform which boosted their Cyber Weekend success.

The Outcome

River Island Dominate Cyber Weekend

Within six months, River Island's UK Google Shopping campaigns took a positive uplift. After getting the hang of product data feed optimisation, they were able to get ahead of the competition and optimise their product performance and bidding strategies during the busiest trading period of the online retail calendar.

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We are delighted with the overall performance of Google Shopping since we first launched. Intelligent Reach made it quick and easy to set up a well optimised product feed, while the ability to optimise bids at item-level in the platform was important to us as a fashion retailer. This has enabled us to easily optimise performance and increase our overall return on investment. The strong performance, in particular over the crucial Cyber weekend period, has led to us allocating more of our budget to Google Shopping next year.

Andy Miller,

PPC Manager, River Island

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