The Intelligent Reach Platform

Intelligent Reach optimises the product discovery journey through augmented product data & scientific testing to convert.

How We Help

Offsite product discovery is a vital source of retail revenue, with product adverts converting 30% higher than conventional advertising. By delivering optimum product data, Intelligent Reach helps retailers and brands optimise the offsite product discovery journey, enabling marketing and ecommerce teams to deliver exceptional, contextually relevant product data and go-to-market faster by providing turn-key access to 1400+ global channels and marketplaces via pre-built connectors, reducing the burden on internal IT.

Platform Benefits

Accelerate time-to-market, open new channels and marketplaces and test new markets faster

Improve product data quality across channels, enhance product visibility and ad ranking at scale

Increase new customer acquisition and product ad revenues

Reduce CPC & campaign costs, maximise return-on-advertising-spend (ROAS)

Enhance product relevancy and conversion rates

Optimise product content and drive advert performance with data-driven decisions

Data Management Module

Unify your data, combining sources from across your business to deliver complete, accurate and attribute rich data feeds. This enables easy product data visualisation, validation, error fixing and attribute augmentation. The result is improved product data quality, increasing product ad relevancy and visibility, with reduced CPC costs.

Experimentation Module

Understand what is most relevant to your buyers’ search intent and visualise the impact on your KPIs with our experimentation module.


This provides accurate, scientific analysis of different product content formats with the help of AB or MVT tests.

Performance Management

Optimise performance for all your partners at product-level, with automated bid management and dynamic campaign creation, as well as order synchronisation for marketplaces.


Ensure continuous ROI maximisation, increase/decrease bid modifiers across device or location, capitalise on top sellers, reduce wasted ad spend and increase product visibility.

What Our Clients Say

“IR have worked closely with us, continuously providing innovative solutions to drive our online revenues each month, whilst maintaining our profitability. We look forward to extending this success into other key product-driven marketing channels.”


Lillian Walker, Marketing Acquisition Manager,

“House of Fraser and IR have worked closely together for a number of years. As a result, they aren’t just a 3rd party to us, but they know our business so well they are now absolutely an extension of it. The support, trust and knowledge is invaluable.”


Sophia Evgeniou, Head of Customer Acquisition, House of Fraser

“IR has enabled us to launch and optimise activity across multiple new online channels, resulting in considerable performance uplifts. The team has been a pleasure to work with and their proprietary platform allowed us to enter new channels and markets with ease.”


David Williams, Search Manager,


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