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Platform Feature

Data Quality Score (DQS)

The data quality score (DQS) shows the health of your product data from the overall feed, down to individual attributes. If any attribute falls below the quality threshold, the DQS highlights the problems and the tools in the data quality tab help you to fix them, in just a few clicks.
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Client Testimonial

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‘Intelligent Reach has been a game changer for our product strategy. It’s helped us launch new partners quickly, as well as identify and fix mistakes in existing product data and assign custom labels for better optimisation – helps that the client service is also superb!’

Sophia Holland Thomas,

Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Fatface

The Benefits

The data quality score (DQS) displays the health of a product feed down to the product level

Use this feature to effortlessly maintain the health of your feeds and the visibility of your products. The DQS provides a daily overview of the status of your feeds and immediately highlights any problems. If any issues arise, the data quality tab provides tools that will provide a full analysis and offer to repair any unhealthy attributes automatically.

The DQS monitors the status of every attribute, every day

If a feed is generating a low DQS for product name, for example, the platform will recognise the problem and will recommend ways to fix it. If the product name is missing colour, for example, the data quality tab will offer to add colour to the beginning of each product name (where it doesn't already exist).


DQS scores are industry-specific

The DQS of a feed is based on the health of attributes that are specific to the industry in which it operates: in fashion, that's colours, materials and sizes; in electronics energy efficiency ratings and mpn values; and in furniture, it's more about fabrics and size.



What is the DQS?

The DQS recalculates the quality of every attribute, every day, and displays it in an easy-to-access panel at the top of the UI. The accompanying data quality tab provides an analysis of any data health issues and recommends a way to fix them automatically. For example, by inserting a missing attribute.

How does it work?

The DQS lets you view the health of every individual attribute. When a data quality issue arises, the data quality wizard will offer to fix the problem by applying a rule to every product in the feed. For example, by adding colour to the beginning or end of every product title where the colour is missing.

Find out more about our data quality score

Optimise your data feed with DQS and improve product performance.
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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5
Technology Vendor of the Year
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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5Technology Vendor of the YearGlobas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product ServiceThe Saas Awards Finalist 2021UK Business Tech Awards WInner
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