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FAQs - Searchspring and Intelligent Reach create global conversion optimisation platform

FAQs about the acquisition of Intelligent Reach by Searchspring. Your questions answered.

Why did Searchspring acquire Intelligent Reach?

Searchspring has been investing in technology that drives meaningful ROI for merchants. Intelligent Reach has been searching for a buyer that delivers not only investment to accelerate growth but great products that complement its existing portfolio. This acquisition satisfies all of those objectives and represents an opportunity for the two companies to combine solutions to create a global conversion optimisation platform that benefits both sets of customers.

Intelligent Reach specialises in improving merchants' success on multiple advertising channels, shopping sites and marketplaces by streamlining product data processes, enhancing product data, syndicating it to more than 1,500 channels, and optimising sales performance on those channels through always-on experimentation.

What does Searchspring do?

Searchspring is a leading global e-commerce search and personalisation platform that has been providing merchants with powerful, unique, proven, product discovery and shopping experiences since 2007. Purpose-built for e-commerce, the Searchspring platform offers merchants better product discovery through semantic site search capabilities, flexible product merchandising, using business rules and AI-driven campaigns, and personalisation, because the platform responds to each shopper’s previous behaviour.

Searchspring works with brands, retailers, agencies and SIs and services various industries, focusing on B2B commerce such as Fashion/Apparel, Beauty, Home Decor, Sporting Goods, Gifts and Jewellery, and Food/Beverage merchants.

The Searchspring platform provides e-commerce sites with:

• Accurate, natural language search results, through semantic search technology

• Precise merchandising, by allowing merchants to control the products that site visitors see

• More personalised user experiences, because search results can be based on customers’ previous shopping behaviour.

Together, we provide merchants of all sizes with a comprehensive, omnichannel e-commerce solution.

This also allows us to meaningfully expand into new markets, specifically EMEA as we work to solve complex e-commerce challenges faced by global brands.

How is Searchspring integrating Intelligent Reach technology, and when will new integrations be available?

Searchspring will adopt the data feed and data quality service technologies that Intelligent Reach has successfully created to support 1,500+ channels. In addition, Searchspring will bring the Marketplace integration connectors to its existing customers, enabling them to syndicate products and synchronise stock levels and orders across multiple marketplaces and social commerce apps. This is expected to be available to customers by the end of Q2 2024.

There will be no changes in the actual Searchspring platform as the Intelligent Reach technology will complement the Searchspring platform for Data Ingestion, Cleansing, and Curation.

Will I see any changes in the current Searchspring or Intelligent Reach platforms?

At this time you will not see any changes in the Searchspring or Intelligent Reach platforms. As we continue to make improvements and add features, we will communicate those changes and exploit all opportunities to add-on new features and services.

Is Intelligent Reach going away?

Intelligent Reach is not going away. It will be slightly rebranded, as “A Searchspring Company”, and continue to serve clients as it does today.

Does Searchspring plan to acquire more companies?

We have no immediate plans to acquire more companies. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our products and services and this could come from new builds or further acquisitions in the future.

Will my pricing, or other terms, change as a result of this acquisition?

The terms of your existing contract will not be affected.

Does anything change in my plan?

At this time, nothing in your plan is changing. Depending on your plan level and as we adopt new technology, you may see some additional features and improvements.

If you would like to learn more about how you can improve conversion rates and tap into Intelligent Reach’s offering, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Can I talk to someone who can walk me through what to expect?

Of course! Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they’ll be happy to help.

Will there be any disruptions to the services or products I receive as a result of the acquisition?

No, it will be business as usual for all of our customers.

Point of contact: Will there be any changes to my primary point of contact or account manager within the company?

No, it will be business as usual.

How will the acquisition affect the quality and reliability of the services/products I receive?

The only changes in the immediate future will be the roll out of new, complementary services. Otherwise, it will be business as usual.

Will there be any changes to the terms of our existing contracts or agreements?

No, there will be no changes.

Will there be any changes to the billing or invoicing process for the services/products I receive?


What is the timeline for integrating the acquired company with the acquiring company, and how will this affect our relationship?

The integration of the companies will take 6-12 months. But Searchspring and Intelligent Reach services are complementary and standalone, so can be made available to customers that want them ahead of the integration.

How does the acquisition impact the financial stability and long-term viability of Intelligent Reach?

The acquisition secures the long-term future of Intelligent Reach and its roadmap.

Will the acquisition result in access to new resources or capabilities that could benefit our business?

Yes. Searchspring specialises in enhanced onsite product discovery through dramatically improved site search, merchandising, and personalisation; Intelligent Reach supplies superior technology for managing and optimising product data to external sales channels. Together, we provide merchants of all sizes with a comprehensive, omnichannel e-commerce solution. Searchspring is also well funded, through PSG. And the company shares our vision for the future development of the Intelligent Reach platform, including the delivery of a version of the platform at a lower price point, and the launch of a PIM.

How will the company communicate with clients during the transition period? Will there be regular updates or a dedicated point of contact for inquiries?

We will continue to communicate regularly with clients in-platform and through regular email updates.

How will the acquisition affect the security and privacy of our data and confidential information?

GDPR best practice is in place and will continue to be followed.

Will there be any changes to the level of customer support or assistance provided to clients?

No, all of our customers will continue to receive the highest levels of support.

Comparisons between Searchspring and Intelligent Reach


  • Both serve e-commerce-focused retailers, agencies, brands and Systems Integrators.
  • Each focuses on increasing visibility and conversions.
  • Each values the importance of multi-channel commerce and addresses the challenges related to managing product data across numerous platforms.
  • There is a shared interest in helping brands and retailers that are scaling, particularly those with an international presence.


  • Searchspring provides onsite conversion optimisation tools, such as enhanced search, personalisation and bundling, while Intelligent Reach focuses on offsite syndication and optimisation through always-on experimentation. The two platforms are entirely complementary.

Ultimately, both companies complement each other’s strengths. For instance, Searchspring allows Intelligent Reach to offer onsite shopping experiences as part of its package, while Searchspring can incorporate Intelligent Reach’s multi-channel data management as a value-added service.

IR_testimonials_RiverIsland_Andy Miller-Small yellow cubePink Blur Cube

We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect home for Intelligent Reach and Searchspring was hands down the best option. I am super excited about what we can do together for our customers.

Steve Rivers, Founder, Intelligent Reach

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