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Searchspring's enhanced search, merchandising, personalisation and predictive bundling tools

Searchspring is a global leader in onsite product search, merchandising, personalisation and predictive bundling

Searchspring, a leading global e-commerce search and personalisation platform that has been providing merchants with powerful, unique, proven, product discovery and shopping experiences since 2007, has acquired Intelligent Reach, the UK-based provider of a product data management technology that empowers merchants by optimising and syndicating their product data on more than 1,500 advertising channels, shopping sites and marketplaces.

The combined technology of the two companies offers merchants a complete on-site and off-site e-commerce product discovery solution. Searchspring specialises in enhanced onsite product discovery through dramatically improved site search, merchandising, and personalisation; Intelligent Reach supplies superior technology for managing and optimising product data to over 1,500 external sales channels.

What are Searchspring's onsite conversion tools?

The Searchspring platform provides e-commerce sites with:

More accurate and flexible site search which works with natural language searches and delivers optimised results, using semantic search technology.

More precise merchandising, by controlling the exact products that site visitors see.

More personalised shopping experiences, because every journey can be customised based on a shopper's previous behaviour

Predictive bundling that increases basket sizes and AOV, and optimises conversions using data from previous purchases.

Enhanced natural language search using semantic search
The search suite uses semantic search and autocomplete to create fast, relevant results

Onsite search generates around 25% of all e-commerce sales. It is also a significant part of the online shopping experience. Searchspring has made onsite search its main priority and offers a full suite of tools designed to deliver hyper-relevant and personalised search results.

Semantic Product Search uses natural language search tools to create the onsite equivalent of a savvy shop assistant. When a user searches for a product, it quickly identifies the words that describe the product type, and the words that relate to key features or attributes. The result is a curated group of products that match the search term perfectly, making it more likely that the shopper will buy.

IntelliSuggest enhances search results by putting the most searched for items at the top of the results page. It works by gathering engagement data from previous search queries and promoting the most clicked on and purchased products for a given query. The most popular 250 queries have their own curated set of products.

Autocomplete adds to the convenience and speed of the user’s search by generating suggestions as soon as the user starts typing. It accesses previous searches and engagement data to predict queries and deliver the best matches, often before users have finished typing.

Together, these tools make up the All Site Search Suite, a collection of features designed to make online shopping efficient, relevant and enjoyable to the user.

Searchspring enables precise merchandising

Searchspring's enhanced merchandisation solution
Searchspring's precise merchandising solution creates bespoke banners and landing pages

Searchspring's merchandising suite lets merchants build landing pages and create banners that prioritise key products and display them in a way that converts well and makes sense to customers.

Using the module, merchants create campaigns around specific attributes such as best sellers, seasonality, new arrivals, sale products, discounted items, special offers or popular categories. Matching products are presented in an easy-to-use UI and can be reordered, by dragging and dropping, to create a perfect product order and mix.

Control the exact layout and arrangement of products for any search query, and on any category page. Arrange products by attributes, separate products from accessories, or boost specific products based on business goals.

A typical campaign would be a banner for a new shopping event, such as Halloween. Products would be curated into the banner which would be scheduled to appear and disappear at the appropriate times.

The banners have links to individual products and/or to a landing page with an extended set of the same products.

The UI allows merchants to control the exact layout and arrangement of all of the products in any creative, for any search query, and in any category page.

Searchspring creates personalised shopping experiences

Searchspring's creates personalised onsite shopping experiences
Searchspring creates personalised onsite shopping experiences

71% of consumers say they expect personalised shopping experiences, and 76% are frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Over 90% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that remember them and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Research shows that personalisation drives an average 10-15% increase in revenue for a business and companies that excel in personalisation achieve 40% more.

Searchspring's personalisation shopping solution enables e-commerce sites to collect data when a shopper views a product or adds one to their cart. The technology learns about the shopper's interests and makes predictions about other products they might purchase.

  • Personalised recommendations are used to show shoppers products similar to the ones they have recently purchased or viewed. They could be displayed on a product page as a cross-selling opportunity or as a last minute recommendation at checkout.
  • Personalised search learns each shopper's preferences over time. When a shopper enters a query, the order of the results is changed to boost more relevant products to the top.
  • Geo-merchandising uses real-time location targeting to adjust products, messaging, and promotions, based on the shopper’s location. For example, shoppers in colder climates might continue to see winter clothing for longer.
  • Personalised email recommendations are emails that are personalised in a similar way to on-site recommendations. Using the tool, merchants can create emails that promote products the shopper has previously shown an interest in, based on real-user data.

Searchspring launches onsite predictive bundling

Create bundles manually, or by using past shopping behaviour.

Searchspring's Predictive Product Bundling automatically packages frequently bought-together products, as a bundle. Adding personalisation allows bundles to be tailored specifically to the shopper’s past interests..

Benefits to the merchant

  • Merchants can curate bundles themselves or use Data Science Intelligence to curate complementary products based on past purchases and shopper activity.
  • Up to nine additional products can be added to each bundle to maximise cart sizes and increase AOV.
  • Add ratings, colour, size options and CTA buttons to each product card.
  • Bundles boost average order value (AOV) and streamline the shopping journey.

Benefits to the shopper

  • Explore product pages and instantly see personalised suggestions recommended by the intelligent bundling system.
  • Choose sizes and colours for every item in the bundle, at once.
  • Add everything to your cart in one click.
  • Shoppers can add the whole bundle to their cart with a single click.

How Searchspring tools work alongside the Intelligent Reach platform

Searchspring tools work together to create a highly-optimised onsite shopping experience.

Intelligent Reach optimises product data for offsite channels, including Google Shopping, Facebook, Amazon and more than 1,500 other marketplaces, shopping sites, ad platforms, social media sites and affiliate networks.

Together we deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end conversion optimisation solution.

Click here to learn more about Intelligent Reach's tools and channels.

About Searchspring

Searchspring is a leading global e-commerce search and personalisation platform that has been providing merchants with powerful, unique, proven product discovery and shopping experiences since 2007. Companies such as Chubbies, Arhaus, Mattel, Moen, Fabletics, Peet’s Coffee, SKIMS, and West Elm trust Searchspring to increase cart size, conversions, and repeat customers through enhanced search, merchandising, and personalisation technology. Searchspring is a remote-first organisation with offices globally, including San Antonio, Denver, Portland, Toronto, London, and Sydney. Learn more about Searchspring by visiting

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