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Intelligent Reach Feed Specification & Product Feed FAQs

Each sales channel has its own specific product data feed requirements. Intelligent Reach manages the complexity of integrating with over 1,500 different channels, all from a single platform.

The Intelligent Reach data feed management platform takes clients' product data and syndicates it to more than 1,500 channels. Each sales channel has a different set of product feed requirements. They also have a large number of mandatory and recommended fields in common. Intelligent Reach works directly with clients to create a master data feed that integrates perfectly with every one of those 1,500 channels.

How can I submit my feed to Intelligent Reach?

Intelligent Reach can work with most formats of source data and can take the data either from URLs or FTP locations hosted on your site or can receive data pushed to our dedicated FTP locations. We also offer SFTP locations due to the sensitivity of some of the information being sent.

Should source data be provided in a single file or multiple files?

You can provide all of the required information in a single data source or you can provide multiple sources in different formats as long as they all use the same unique product IDs, so we can merge the files. We have the ability to concatenate data so we can add multiple product files together in our system to build a full product feed.

An example of this would be having a main product feed, supported by a Stock Quantity & Price feed and an EAN file.

What is Intelligent Reach’s ideal feed format

Our preferred feed type is a flat file / text file which is pipe delimited (This is the pipe character “|”). Experience shows that pipe is the most reliable of the common list separators as it doesn't tend to appear in content fields unlike commas, spaces and tabs etc.

However we can work with any format - XML, comma or tab separated CSVs. If in doubt contact us at

What if I can’t produce a feed or some of the required fields?

We always try to recycle the data feeds you have spent time developing but if you cannot provide some of the required data then we can do this by scraping your site. We can either merge the additional data to fill in the “gaps” or use the scrapped data as your main source feed.

This requires no IT resource at your end and can be carried out at non-peak times.

What data do I need to provide?

The following tables show the information that you need to provide in the columns or fields in the product data feed. This is a complete list of values you will need now and that we think you will need in the future.

We have broken them into a number of tables (related to specific activity or industry type) and colour coded them to indicate if they are required or optional. Please try and provide as many of the optional columns as possible as these will have a direct impact on performance which benefits hugely from a fully optimised data feed. Completing the list also ensures we can build out data for any channel in an optimised way.

What are the Common Fields

The below fields apply to all merchants irrespective of your industry sector. Orange indicates optional fields and green indicates required or mandatory fields.

Key data fields: green signifies required and orange recommended

The following fields are specific to the Fashion Industry

The additional Fashion Fields

The fields below are specifically required for fashion products to ensure well-optimised data.

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Products not showing on Google Shopping or other important sales channels?

Our platform identifies and eliminates product data issues! Book your free product data feed audit now.

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Our platform identifies and eliminates product data issues! Book your free product data feed audit now.

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