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How to sell on Bed Bath & Beyond

Learn how to sell on Bed Bath & Beyond, one of the largest sellers of furniture and homeware in the Americas.

Bed Bath & Beyond is one of the largest sellers of furniture and homeware in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The company became a digital-only retailer after closing all of its bricks and mortar stores in 2023.

Learn how you can become a seller on Bed Bath & Beyond's marketplace.

What is the Bed Bath & Beyond Marketplace?

Like many retailers, Bed Bath & Beyond has its own third-party marketplace. Bed Bath & Beyond allows other sellers’ product listings onto its marketplace and enjoys a commission for every product sold. Not only does the marketplace encourage more visits to the company's website, but it also improves its offering to customers without any associated costs of storage, delivery, etc.

What are the benefits of selling on Bed Bath & Beyond?

There are many benefits to selling on Bed Bath & Beyond. The retailer has more than 30 million monthly visits to its marketplace. Even if products aren't selling, having that many people see your listings is good for brand recognition! Moreover, your products won’t only enjoy visibility on Bed Bath & Beyond. If you so wish, they can also be made available to customers of Buy Buy Baby.

Bed Bath & Beyond also provides customer care and account management. The company actively helps partnerships, supporting your strategy and helping you to grow your business. Sellers are also able to fulfil and ship orders directly, while experiencing an easy-pay solution.

How to sell on Bed Bath & Beyond

Because Bed Bath & Beyond wish to control who sells on its platform, it operates a curated marketplace. This means that hopeful sellers must begin by registering their interest. You will be more likely to be accepted if selling bedding, bath, cookware or home décor products.

The company considers all applications within a month of merchants submitting the form. When a brand gains acceptance they will then learn more about the marketplace’s fee structure and go through the on-boarding process.

If selling on more than one marketplace, it helps to have a solid product content syndication strategy in place, and to make sure that you are always optimising your product feed data. This is where Intelligent Reach helps retailers selling in the US, UK and Australia.

Award-winning product data feed management platform

Get help with your marketplace management and selling on Bed Bath & Beyond with Intelligent Reach's award-winning product data feed platform. Most recently winning Best SaaS Product for Product Analytics at the SaaS Awards 2022, it allows optimisation through content experimentation (A/B testing product titles, for example), dynamic labelling and more.

Our content experiments are able to be specifically set up for each individual retailer, if desired, meaning that your product content syndication strategy can always be improved. It offers detailed reports that can take your e-commerce sales to the next level.

Intelligent Reach is used by hundreds of global brands and retailers including Nike, Fitbit and Dell. Not only do they benefit from our market-leading software but our 24/7 customer service as well.

Because Mirakl powers the Bed Bath & Beyond marketplace, it is extremely easy to get your product data feed set up for selling on their website as Intelligent Reach is a Mirakl partner. Even better than that, Mirakl also powers marketplaces of other retailers as well. This means that there is also an opportunity for vendors to sell on other marketplaces such as Macy's and Kohl's, as well as Bed Bath & Beyond.

To help you on your way, we offer a free product feed data audit and advice on selling on hundreds of other channels and marketplaces. Download our free, ungated e-book – Selling on Marketplaces for Long-Term Success - to learn more.

Products getting barely any clicks? It's probably your product feed data

Learn how to improve your ecommerce sales across marketplaces by booking a FREE product feed audit.

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Learn how to improve your ecommerce sales across marketplaces by booking a FREE product feed audit.

Learn More
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