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How to Sell on Boots Marketplace

Boots is the latest retail giant to set up as an online marketplace. In our guide we explain how brands can get their products listed on Boots Marketplace.

Boots marketplace is the latest addition to an e-commerce trend that is growing very quickly. Marketplaces in Australia have been leading the way, but many other retailers around the world are also making a move. The likes of Decathlon, B&Q and Macy’s have all become marketplaces recently, and now it’s the turn of Boots.

What is Boots Marketplace?

Boots is the UK’s leading health and beauty retailer. Already offering thousands of brands to their customers, they are seeking to expand their offering by becoming a 3P marketplace. By inviting third-party brands to sell on their website, Boots intends to double the number of products available on within just two years.

It’s an excellent opportunity to sell on the most popular health and beauty website in the UK. In fact, selling on Boots will give you access the millions of customers that visit the website every month.

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Can anyone sell on Boots?

Although brands of any size can sell on Boots, it’s important to remember that selling on Boots Marketplace will be up to the company. By curating their marketplace offering, they can control the quality of products on the platform. By being such a well-known retailer, they wouldn’t want to lessen the quality of their brand by offering sub-par or questionable products.

Even so, the aim is to offer a blend of products from established brands to new sellers. In this way, customers are sure to find what they require on their website without having to go elsewhere. After all, rival chain Superdrug have also recently launched their own health and beauty marketplace.

How will Boots Marketplace work?

Shoppers will be able to browse the marketplace offerings alongside Boots’ own products. With a similar plan to the Macy’s marketplace launch in the US, Boots intends to use their marketplace as an opportunity to explore new and diverse categories for its customers. The products from third-party sellers will be seamlessly integrated with the existing product range to ensure that customers have as much choice as possible when purchasing.

Just like when selling on Amazon, customers will be able to enjoy a single checkout when buying mixed baskets (products sold by Boots as well as third-party sellers). As well as this, they will receive Boots Advantage Card points on every purchase, making selling on the platform a compelling opportunity if it means the difference between making a sale or not! In return, Boots allows new and emerging brands to benefit from the company’s impressive brand awareness and reputation.

If your products sell well on, there is also the opportunity of getting your products into Boots high-street stores. This is an exciting prospect as the company has 2,200 locations in nine countries. This includes shops in the UAE, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and Qatar.

How to sell on Boots Marketplace

Now you’ve read all the benefits, it’s time to find out how to begin selling on Boots Marketplace.

Unlike many curated marketplaces, registering interest for selling on Boots is easy.

Interested brands should head to the Boots Marketplace page and fill out the form. Before you do that though, it’s important to make sure that you are offering what Boots require.

They note that they are ‘looking for new brands to add to our exciting portfolio of health, beauty and wellness brands, and for opportunities to expand our range with new complimentary products’, so it’s best to make sure that is what you are offering.

Before registering interest, it’s always best to make sure your product feed is fully filled and optimised. Unsure? Feel free to reach out to us for a free product feed audit.

The Boots Marketplace form shouldn’t take long to fill out and asks basic questions of sellers. These include your brand name, annual revenue, number of SKUs and whether or not you have UK distribution capability.

Because the marketplace is curated, the Boots team will look at all respondents before offering an invitation to list. Before selling on, merchants will have to submit product ranges, which will be viewed internally and then agreed with Boots prior to listing.

List on Boots Marketplace

If you have been successful in earning permission to sell on, you will need to make sure that your product data feed is optimised in the correct format.

Boots is working with Mirakl to power their marketplace platform. As such, all of the data has to be in the format that Mirakl requires.

By working with a product feed manager that understands Mirakl requirements, this is a straightforward process. Thankfully, Intelligent Reach has partnered with Mirakl. This ensures that your product listings work with many of their marketplaces including Macy’s, Decathlon and many more.

To make sure that your product listings are ready to sell on Boots, and to take advantage of great modules that allow for A/B testing product data and dynamic custom labelling, book a demo of Intelligent Reach today.

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