Looking For Product Data Feed Specialists?

Want to reach customers all over the world who are looking for products like yours?

If you need increased visibility in your shopping rankings, Intelligent Reach is keen to help: we are product data specialists who have the technology and support to transform your product data, leading to more relevant clicks and sales in your Product Level Advertising (PLAs)

Why choose us as your product data specialists?

We can manage lots of product feeds across multiple partners and countries, improving your bidding and experimentation with alternatives so that you get in front of the most relevant buyers.

With over 1400 pre-integrated online partners globally, we can make sure your product data feeds are relevant, high-quality and performing at optimal levels. We use three modules to improve your product data management, all of which have been proven to be highly effective.

Furthermore, we offer Performance Management to improve product performance with algorithm, product-driven bid optimisation.

Established in 2006, Intelligent Reach are true experts in data-driven, product profitability and work with some of the biggest retailers to improve their product data feeds.

If you’re looking for product data feed specialists, why not discover more about Intelligent Reach today.

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