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Global Ad Spend Growth is Down, while Mobile and Social are on the Up – so Make the Most of Every Penny or Cent you Spend

blog yesterday from PerformanceIn announced that global ad spend growth has reduced by 1% globally. It says, “..this year’s global $563.4 billion on spend [is] to represent a dip in growth from 4.8% in 2016 to 3.8% this year.” However, it says it is set to grow this coming year.

The importance of digital generally and mobile specifically, is highlighted as it is, “set to take a 56% share of global ad spend by the end of the year.”

Social advertising is also set to grow at a rate of 25% too and it states that, “Digital and data must now be the default settings for advertisers.” Managing multiple channels across different devices brings about the need to stop doing this manually and instead look to technology created specifically to help.

What you need to ensure you do - whatever your spend - is make the most of every cent or penny! You don’t want to be spending money - on paid search generally or on product level ads – putting your products in front of people who aren’t interested in what you sell.  That is simply a waste of money. So, as this blog highlights, maximising the quality of your data will make all the difference – improving the chances of showing your products only to relevant consumers.

It’s something we focus on at Intelligent Reach, sending high-quality product information - or data feeds – through to all your partners like eBay, Google, Facebook and so forth. Looking closely at the wording you use, the images you select and A/B testing these are just some examples of how it can be done. And the right software and experience helps do that for each and every product you sell. 

So, whatever is happening to your ad spend, make sure you are using your digital information wisely – and getting the most out of every penny or cent you spend.

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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

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