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eBay’s: Seller Centre News

eBay’s New Item Specifics Requirement 2019

From 30 September 2019 eBay need more item specifics for listings in certain Home & Garden, Food & Drinks and Fashion categories.

Don’t worry we won’t stop you from creating new listings or relisting. We have already made changes to our platform to mandate this and we will help you make the correct revisions to existing listings!

Why are eBay doing this?

It’s all about the customer and making it easier for them to find the items they want! Which is only good news for sellers.

Did You Know?

  • Listings in the Dresses category that included the “Style” and “Dress length” item specifics sold 81% better on average than those without.*
  • Listings in the Dresses category that included the “Dress length” item specific sold 76% better than those without.*

*Measured over 8 months from December 2017 - July 2018, eBay UK data.

Review the key item specifics for the Home & Garden and Fashion categories.

A reminder on earlier item specifics requirements

Earlier this year, eBay announced the first set of categories that requires the item specifics below. Please ensure you add these to your listings if you sell in the mentioned categories:

  1. PC Laptops & Netbooks (177):
    • RAM size
    • Processor
    • Screen Size
    • Graphics Processing Type
    • Type
  2. Tablets & eBook Readers (171485)
    • Storage Capacity
    • Model
    • Screen Size
  3. Graphics/Video Cards (27386)
    • Memory Size
    • Chipset/GPU Model
  4. Dishwashers (116023)
    • Type
    • Width
    • Installation
  5. String Lights (116022)
    • ColourLED String/Strip Type
    • Type
  6. Video Games (139973)
    • Game Name
    • Platform

 So, these changes will help with your visibility and more aspects always help with ranking in eBay search!

For more head to: eBay Seller Centre

New Unique Order Number, Making Life A Little Easier

Like the next instalment for Star Wars, it’s not ground-breaking but it’s still good. 

As of June 2019, eBay has changed the format of order identifier values. The new format is a non-parsable string, globally unique across all eBay marketplaces, and consistent for both single line item and multiple line item orders. Unlike in the past, instead of just being known and exposed to the seller, these unique order identifiers will also be known and used/referenced by the buyer and eBay customer support.

If this could make your life a little easier, we can now implement this on your account so eBay’s unique order numbers appear on all NEW transactions within our platform.

While this will benefit your customers, the bigger winner is you, the sellers. 

This will help to facilitate order tracking from payment to post transaction, aid dispute resolution and support customer service contact with consistent point of reference. 

Slightly excited? Touch base with your account manager, who can set this up for you.

Hit the gas pedal on eBay with Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings are paid advertisements of your existing items. This will replicate existing items and display them with “sponsored” closer to the top of eBay search. This boosts your item level traffic. Traffic isn’t conversion, however being more visible increases the likelihood of a sale.

Now, we're definitely not suggesting the 90's style shearing jackets are on trend, but this gives you an idea:


How it works? 

Boost Visibility

Pay Only On Sales

Guided Set-Up

Detailed Reporting

Your items are more likely to sell when more people see them. Promoted Listings puts your items in front of more buyers, boosting visibility by up to 36%.*You're not charged until a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and purchases the promoted item within 30 days.Our guidance tools help take the guesswork out and suggest which items to promote and at what cost.Access detailed campaign metrics and sales reports to monitor performance and fine tune your campaigns.

*Average based on a comparison of item page views before and after activating promoted listings in 2018.

For more on promoted listings head to: eBay Seller Center.

Even better, for eBay Anchor Stores, you get $100 AU credit each month which you can use on Promoted Listings!

Just let us know your goals and we can help you achieve it.


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