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Shopping for your home is highly taxing in terms of time and money. Furniture is notorious for high search costs to consumers. This is because shopping for the home is a very personal process and reflects one’s tastes, desires and living arrangements. is an Australian online marketplace focussed on household goods such as furniture, homewares, garden supplies, appliances and tech. We aim to reduce search costs for our customers by offering discoverability, inspiration and personalisation.

The offer is a natural progression of the rise of the online marketplace. Aussie consumers are flocking to them as their preferred ways to shop. The mix of convenience, competitive pricing, preferred brands in one place and best-in-class customer service give marketplaces the edge when it comes to e-commerce.

From a retailer’s point of view, selling on a marketplace can throw up all kinds of barriers and challenges. Choosing the right integration is vital to precisely manage inventory, pricing and orders; but often times the integration process can be complex. So many marketplaces exist now – each appealing to various consumer segments and demographics. This can cause difficulties in choosing the right marketplaces to sell on which have a customer base that aligns with a seller’s products. Fortunately, engaging an integration partner with a turnkey solution such as Intelligent Reach can streamline the process and make it much easier to launch products onto marketplaces.

As Australia’s leading lifestyle marketplace offering everything for the home, provides a seamless selling experience and remarkable opportunities for merchants to connect with engaged customers across Australia. MyDeal is a solution for all businesses, big and small: we work with some of the smallest and nimblest SMEs in the country to some of the largest and more traditional enterprise brands.

One of our unique advantages has been that we attracted customers with the intent of purchasing home and garden products and in particular “big and bulky” products such as bed frames and sofas.

Key Facts About

  • Australia’s only marketplace for the home and garden.
  • Established in 2012, now operates as a publicly listed company (ASX:MYD)
  • Operates online to all Australian postcodes
  • Key verticals include:
    • Furniture
    • Homewares
    • Home décor
    • Bathroom
    • Garden
    • Appliances
    • Animals & Pets
    • Baby & Kids
    • Tools, Equipment & Hardware
    • Electronics & Technology
  • Over 1,000 Sellers
  • Over 800,000 active customers

When you sell through you are establishing a new sales channel for your business. This is one of the most efficient new revenue streams you can add because it has never been easier to set up a store on and showcase your products to millions of monthly visitors (6M+ per month).

MyDeal launches multiple new sales promotions every single day so as a seller on there are countless marketing opportunities. Use these promotions to attract, convert and retain customers through the many opportunities the MyDeal marketing team has to offer.

Another advantage to selling through MyDeal is its feasible ‘pay as you play’ model. This means that your store on MyDeal will only ever incur fees and charges when sellers see results. To ensure that you see results, sellers receive end-to-end account management with ongoing support from KPI driven account managers through the entire journey. They help sellers optimise the performance of their stores on the MyDeal marketplace.

And because it’s your store, you have full control over your MyDeal storefront. Seamlessly integrate and manage your product listings, orders and customers with user-friendly interfaces and many integration options.

Outlook For 2021

COVID-19 has vastly changed the landscape for retail. Millions of Aussie consumers have been exposed to using e-commerce for all kinds of purchases. As restrictions ease and traditional retail returns, early signs are that consumers enjoyed using the Internet to shop and nowhere more so than on marketplaces. The pandemic is still raging on globally, restrictions and precautions are still in place in Australia and a full vaccine roll out will stretch right through the year; thus, returning to the normality that we enjoyed in 2019 is still some time away.

The convenience that marketplaces offer consumers in terms of price, range and experience means that retailers who are not selling through marketplaces are missing out on potentially thousands of customers looking for their products. If you sell household goods, then MyDeal’s customers want to see your products very soon.

MyDeal & Intelligent Reach

Intelligent Reach Platform helps brands seamlessly sell online and expand their e-commerce reach with ease. With direct integration into MyDeal, Intelligent Reach makes it easy to list your catalogue and start selling.

Get in contact for a demo.


Our experts are happy to show you how our platform can help



Our experts are happy to show you how our platform can help

About the writer
John Barkle
John has almost a decade of experience in digital and below-the-line marketing in both agency and client-side roles. Before joining, he worked for two of Australia’s leading media agency networks with clients in the government, retail and tourism verticals. At, John is responsible for overall marketing strategy and branding & communications. He is passionate about using data and solution-driven strategy to yield results for the marketplace, its sellers and its customers.

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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

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