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Intelligent Reach Now Integrated with Fulfilment Service, Fulfilio.

Intelligent Reach has now integrated with the fulfilment and warehousing service, Fulfilio, an Australian start-up launched in partnership with eBay's national fulfilment service, providing our clients and their customers with a more streamlined solution for faster, cheaper deliveries.

As part of the Australia Post Accelerator Program, Fulfilio provides:

  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Same Day Delivery
  • Custom Delivery Experiences
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Order Tracking
  • Simple Returns

The service allows you to store your products closer to your customers, heightening your customer experience while benefiting your bottom line.

Compete With The Best

eBay have made it clear, however, that this service was designed to level the playing field for retailers from big to small so that all have a chance to compete.

eBay’s head of shipping said in a statement: “The aim of the program is not to fix what already works well,” Horma said. “Major retailers are pretty good at logistics. We want to help sellers [that] aren’t very good at that, or they’re good on their own site, but not on eBay orders.”

A Solution For Marketplaces

Australia’s logistics troubles have been a wrench in the works for many marketplaces and retailers regarding delivery times, with issues ranging from long-distances, the presence of wild animals on route and insufficient infrastructure.

The resulting high costs and long waits are a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment.

Fulfilio, in an effort to combat this, is helping retailers navigate these with the aim to delight customers all over the country. It was reported recently that eBay orders now ship 15% faster with Fulfilio, proving the program a success.

Marketplaces such as eBay are now seeking ways to improve their offerings given the quick growth of eCommerce. Since Amazon came to Australia last year, retailers and marketplaces alike have been looking for ways to expand and progress.

Services providing solutions to persistent issues such as shipping are set to be a key driver in finding success on marketplaces and Fulfilio is no exception.

What Does This Mean For IR Clients?

Intelligent Reach clients selling in Australia can expect, in addition to regular stock information management, an even quicker fulfilment process with our Fulfilio integration.

Instead of pushing out the orders to your eCommerce platform or marketplace, we can now go directly to Fulfilio.

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