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What You Need to Know About Phase 2 of eBay’s Product-Based Shopping Experience

eBay recently launched Phase 2 of their Product-Based Shopping Experience (PBSE), also known now as Shop by Product.  

Intelligent Reach is ready for this and will be helping our clients with the migration every step of the way.  


What is Product-Based Shopping? 

PBSE enables buyers to find merchandise that meets their search criteria easily and quickly decide which products they want to purchase.  

Before the change, buyers had to search through a long list of results to find the product they were looking for. This was a problem, because with certain categories such as technology, buyers want to find the best value listing from the most reliable seller as quickly as possible.  

This is what PBSE aims to provide buyers. More information can be found here. 

Stage 2.1 will include all products across these 12 categories: 

  • Cell Phones & Smartphones 
  • Portable Fans 
  • Cardio Equipment 
  • Computer/Tablets, Networking Tablets & eBook Readers 
  • Small Kitchen Appliances  
  • Humidifiers  
  • Programmable Thermostats  
  • Major Appliances  
  • TVs  
  • Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants 
  • Space Heaters 
  • TV, Video & Home Audio: Internet & Media Streamers 

Going ahead, eBay will replace listings with products from their own catalogues. 

This is the original search results page, displaying 1106 results: 

PBC iphone x 2.0

With PBSE, results are now grouped into categories: 

PBC iphone x 2.0 after

For the new product pages, ‘our pick’ will be chosen based on price, seller standards, postage service and return options. The rest will be displayed below. As long as you have mapped your products to the eBay catalogue, your products will show here.  


What happens now? 

From 28th of August onwards, there will be some deadlines to keep in mind: 

  • August 2018: buyers will be able to suggest new catalogue entries and improvements to existing entries.  
  • September 2018: If buyers are selling in these categories, they won’t be able to publish new or revised listings without matching to the eBay catalogue. 
  • October 2018: eBay will no longer display listings in the new categories in search results if they aren’t yet associated with their catalogue.

We have tried to make this process as easy and automated as we can for our clients, to ensure they keep selling with minimal fuss.  


Get in touch if you have any concerns or questions. 




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