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Top Tip for Maximising Product Data Quality #10 - Continually optimise

Optimising your product data is one thing, ensuring it remains up to date and optimised is another. Retailers should update their product data feeds at least daily to ensure accuracy.

Further to this, retailers need to maintain a continual awareness of the retail landscape and actively respond to changes (e.g. feed specification updates / changes in API permission rights).

E-commerce is becoming increasingly more competitive as a result of greater opportunities among existing online channels, the launch of new channels, internationalisation and evolving, tech-centric consumer behaviour.

It is vital that retailers keep up to date with these changes, ensuring they are everywhere their consumers are looking for products, their pricing is competitive and they are maximising the opportunities that exist.

For more tips on how to optimise your product data quality and start improving your product data and drive real revenue improvements, download our free eBook.




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