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Success Stories

Success Stories


Barbie campaign boosts visibility by 1,400% for PrettyLittleThing

Tactical marketing can be time-consuming. And sometimes the effort can be greater than the rewards. With the help of Intelligent Reach, PrettyLittleThing was able to put together a rapid fire campaign that delivered results that were nothing short of spectacular. Visibility rose by up to 1,400% on Barbie-related searches, thanks to the global success of the movie and some astute product feed management.

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The Results

1397% Impressions

1139% Clicks


Seraphine delivers culture of constant experimentation

Seraphine has made a science out of managing product data on Google and Meta. Here's how they achieved a product approval rate of over 99.95% in the Google Merchant Centre.

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"What I try to instil in my team is that we've got to test everything. This is the functionality that sets Intelligent Reach apart from every other platform because no other provider in the space, to my knowledge, has this ability."


Motorpoint turbocharges innovation by 50x

Using the Intelligent Reach platform for vehicle data management. Motorpoint has increased its rate of testing by 50 times.

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Product listing ads for automotive will be available in the UK soon. Previously, getting on there would have meant a big request to IT and that request could have taken some time. But being able to manage the feeds ourselves is going to enable us to get there much faster.

Selina Gribben, Head of Paid Media, Motorpoint

Open for Vintage

Open for Vintage Scale Up With Product Data

Explore how Open for Vintage took out manual processes, and used our platform to automate and enrich their product data feeds to optimise product performance.

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What the Intelligent Reach platform brilliantly allows us to do is to automate, to enrich and normalise all our data, match it to our categories and then automatically publish it to live.

Colin Saunders, CEO, Open for Vintage


FatFace improved their ROAS with Content Experimentation

Learn how our Content Experimentation helped FatFace improve their product performance by testing on their feed to drive their ROAS by +24%!

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The Results

+22% impressions

+19% orders

+17% clicks

"When we reached out to Intelligent Reach, we had a clear objective of enhancing our ROAS across digital channels. They made it happen."

Steph Powell Global Digital Marketing Manager

On Course Golf

On Course Golf conquers online sales with its own Marketplace

Discover how On Course Golf leveraged Intelligent Reach's platform to sync products into their marketplace and their member's webshops, making it easier for them to sell to their consumers.

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“We had a unique and challenging integration between our databases, webshops and POS systems used by our members. Intelligent Reach helped us build a seamless marketplace, so our members don’t have to do the work!”

Geoff Miles CEO at On Course Golf


Auto8 Drives Marketplace Presence

Find out how Auto8 developed a strong presence on multiple marketplaces and Google Shopping, through product data optimisation using our Intelligent platform.

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“Since converting to the IR platform, our products have been listed on 5 different marketplaces and Google Shopping in a short period. This has happened because the team at IR are accessible & very easy to work with, and hard work to overcome any challenges we have thrown at them. Highly recommended. ”

Warren Smith Director at Auto8


Clarins Cleanse Their Feed To Drive Google Shopping Impressions

Explore how Clarins got better control over their product data feed and tested their optimisations using our powerful platform to drive their Google Shopping ROAS by +114%.

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The Results

+185% impressions

+115% clicks

+322% revenue

Pets At Home

Pets At Home Grow Its Google Shopping Presence

Get to know how Pets at Home achieved a 75% increase in reach and a 33% increase in clicks from their Google Shopping campaigns with Intelligent Reach.

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The Results

+75% impressions

+33% clicks

Intelligent Reach offered a platform with guidance, expertise, and capability that enabled us to efficiently optimise our data

Sian Wells, PPC Executive, Pets at Home

Public Desire

Public Desire Become Experts In Their Product Data

Find out how Public Desire became experts in optimising their own data and increased gross profit by 44%.

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The Results

+27% orders

+44% gross profit

-35p average CPC

Intelligent Reach dramatically helps us improve our product ads across multiple channels

Laurence Taylor, Acquisition Manager, Public Desire

Fragrance Direct

Fragrance Direct Get Ahead of Their Online Competition

Understand how Fragrance Direct's access to valuable product data insight helped them to strategically optimise product data and cut CPC costs, to boost e-commerce sales.

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The Results

+28% ROAS

-9% CPA

6% revenues

Intelligent Reach is a key partner of ours and ensures that quality data is provided across all our Digital Marketing Channels.

Kyle Stanley, Paid Media Manager, Fragrance Direct


Lenovo Get Control Over Their Product Marketing Mix

Lenovo used our intuitive solution to improve their Google Shopping campaigns. Take a look at the results they saw and how it benefited them.

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The Results

+28% ROAS

+6% conversion rate

We immediately saw a massive uplift in clicks and revenue. Working with them over time we have developed clever strategies to increase exposure against our competitors and generate more traffic.

Christopher Jowsey, Head of eCommerce, Lenovo, Australia and New Zealand

Ego Shoes

EGO SHOES Furthers Growth With Product Data Agility

Discover how Ego Shoes got control over their product data and used valuable performance insight to their advantage to amend their strategies and budgeting.

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The Results

+80% traffic

+85% revenue

We are now well informed all of the time and can look at each product margin individually and decide what the ROI should be, and therefore what our pricing and bidding prices can be.

Usman Riaz, Managing Director, Ego Shoes

Rakuten & Sanyo

Rakuten & Sanyo Boost Product Ad Conversions

Rakuten & Sanyo wanted to make the most out of their product data. Take a look at how they achieved a 95% increase in conversions with Content Experimentation.

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The Results

+42% impressions

+37% clicks

95% conversions

Their powerful experimentation tool allows us to prove significant improvements in ad performance due to product data optimisation.

Nozomu Miki, Business Development, Rakuten Marketing Japan


Missguided Online Visibility Sky-Rockets

Uncover how Missguided's Google Shopping ads generated a 17% increase in orders and revenue, with the Intelligent Reach platform and experts by their side.

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The Results

+16% clicks

+17% orders & revenue

+20% ROAS

IR have enabled us to launch and optimise activity across multiple new online channels, resulting in considerable performance uplifts.

David Williams, Search Manager, Missguided

River Island

River Island boosts cyber weekend performance

Get to know how River Island achieved a higher Google Shopping revenue after launching with an optimised Shopping feed.

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The Results

+35% clicks

+42% orders

+49% revenue

Intelligent Reach made it quick and easy to set up a well optimised product feed, while the ability to optimise bids at item-level in the platform was important to us as a fashion retailer.

Andy Miller, PPC Manager, River Island


PrettyLittleThing See Massive Google Shopping Revenue Boost

By optimising product data feeds and utilising granular product level insight at scale, PrettyLittleThing's Google Shopping revenue surged 340%.

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The Results

+191% clicks

+270% orders

+340% revenue

Over the past 12 months IR have continuously worked closely with us & provided innovative solutions to drive our online revenues each month whilst maintaining our profitability.

Lillian Walker, Marketing Acquisition Manager, PrettyLittleThing

The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

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