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Public Desire take their product data to the next level

At A Glance

What they wanted, what they got

Public Desire was growing rapidly across offsite digital channels, such as Google Shopping and Facebook. It became difficult keeping on top of their product data in-house; they needed the right expertise and tools to help them keep on top of their digital scalability. By integrating with Intelligent Reach, Public Desire was able to take control of their product data to optimise ads and take their performance to the next level.

The Results

Gross Profit
Average CPC

The Challenge

Public Desire had difficulty keeping on top of their product data

Having successfully launched on offsite channels such as Google Shopping and Facebook in-house, their growth on these digital channels were becoming difficult to keep up with. With limited resources and expertise, they were searching for a solution that gave them the ability to easily get control over their product data, access valuable performance insights, and optimise their data feeds at scale.

Difficulty managing feeds internally

Public Desire found it difficult to keep on top of their product data themselves. They were looking for a solution that gave them better control and insight into their product ads, at scale.

Lack of resources & expertise

They had access to limited resources and knowledge on optimising the core of their product ads. It prevented them from going further to enhance campaign performance on Google and Facebook.

Costs were becoming high

As Public Desire were growing digitally, their ad spend was also increasing. With limited capabilities and insight, it was difficult to adjust bidding strategies accordingly.

How we Helped

Public Desire dived into their product data straight away

Getting granular insight at product level

Our platforms ability to give Public Desire valuable insight into a product-by-product level, helped them to manage product data efficiently. Their insight into the product data health and performance metrics, made it easier to fix data and adjust their bidding.

Quickly launching experiments

After getting control over their product data, Public Desire were on route to take their campaigns further. They could now quickly launch content experiments themselves, to easily optimise product titles, categories and images effectively.

The Outcome

Public Desire continue to grow and gain control

With our intuitive platform and experts on hand, we helped support Public Desire in becoming confident Intelligent Reach platform users. They were able to flawlessly get control over their multiple feeds and use Content Experimentation to optimise data and achieve great results.

Gross Profit
Average CPC
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Working with Intelligent Reach provides us with a platform for managing and optimising our product feeds, with specific expertise that we don’t have in-house, helps us improve our product ads across multiple channels and provides us with a regular service that is also available to us when I am not in the office.

Laurence Taylor,

Acquisition Manager, Public Desire

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