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Open for Vintage Speeds Up Its Digital Sales Growth

At A Glance

What they wanted, what they got

Open for Vintage had plans to grow its online presence to become the leading website for pre-owned luxury fashion and to promote fashion sustainability practices. As e-commerce evolved, their team understood that manually inputting data was not a scalable solution for online growth. With Intelligent Reach, they could use automation and synchronisation to enrich their product data feeds and get products to market at a faster rate.

The Challenge

Product data was slowing down growth potential

By manually inputting product data, their team's time was not efficiently spent on productive tasks that could really boost their digital selling performance.

Manually entering in product data

Previously working with manual curators, product data was being entered manually. As technology advanced, they realised it limited their product data scalability.

Limited productivity and slowed growth

Without automatic processes, they were slowing down their growth potential. They needed a solution to help them effortlessly get on top of their product data.

How we Helped

They found the solution to shut down manual practices

Automating and enriching product data

They were able to use automation to enrich their data to meet feed requirements, match it to their categories and publish their feeds to go live. This efficiency helped cut down costs and improve productivity.

Synchronising stock with Partner websites

Our platform gave them the ability to flawlessly sync inventory data to their partners and manage stock effectively. This transparency helps Open for Vintage keep on top of their stock data, to create a pleasant customer experience.

Growing their product offering

By easily managing product data, they are able to rapidly increase their product offering to give customers more. With product data and stock data optimised and synched, they are able to increase stock levels and create a pleasant customer experience.

The Outcome

Open for Vintage now use automation and optimisation to their advantage

Our solution enabled them to efficiently leverage our automation and synchronisation of their product data to create an effortless workflow. Product optimisation helped Open for Vintage boost their campaigns, with uplifts in their impressions, clicks, and conversions while reducing CPC costs.

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What the Intelligent Reach platform brilliantly allows us to do is to automate, to enrich and normalise all our data, match it to our categories and then automatically publish it to live. This is fast, efficient, and most importantly it doesn't require manual insight into publishing it. This keeps our costs down, enables us to get product to market quicker, and it gives us a real competitive advantage.

Colin Saunders,

CEO, Open for Vintage

The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5
Technology Vendor of the Year
Globas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product Service

The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5Technology Vendor of the YearGlobas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product ServiceThe Saas Awards Finalist 2021UK Business Tech Awards WInner
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