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Success Stories

PrettyLittleThing experience a 340% increase in Google Shopping Revenue.

By optimising product data feeds and utilising granular product level insight at scale, PrettyLittleThing's Google Shopping revenue surged 340%.

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At A Glance

What they wanted, what they got

PrettyLittleThing wanted to create optimised product data feeds and boost performance across multiple channels to grow sales, but their team needed the right tools to make the most out of their online selling potential. After onboarding with Intelligent Reach their capabilities went up, online growth scaled quickly, and they took their product ads to a whole new level.

The Results


The Challenge

Poorly optimised feeds were inhibiting their full sales potential

Prior to working with Intelligent Reach, PrettyLittleThing found it difficult to create optimised feeds for each channel, preventing them from fully leveraging their online selling potential.

Struggle to manage multiple feeds at time

PrettyLittleThing wanted to manage multiple channels, with a focus on Google Shopping. Different channel requirements and an inability to create optimised feeds were holding them back, not to mention each partner requirements continuously changing.

Underperforming Google Shopping campaigns

While building their online presence, they weren't satisfied with their Google Shopping performance. They couldn't visualise and manage performance at product-level and had limited testing capabilities, setting them back from optimising product performance.

A/B testing capabilities were inhibited

PrettyLittleThing wanted to experiment on titles and images to increase ROAS, but it was a lengthy process. With limited capabilities in A/B testing, product performances were not optimised and time was overused, without adding full potential value.

How we Helped

PrettlyLittleThing drive growth through data experimentation and bid control

Making their online growth scalable

PrettyLittleThing can now manage and scale campaigns for a high volume of products across multiple territories, pushing their products in front of more buyers. They can easily validate and optimise data to ensure required attributes are present in their feeds and seamlessly distribute over 60 partner feeds worldwide.

Stepping up their testing capabilities

With Content Experimentation on their side, PrettyLittleThing can easily identify products that suffered from low traffic volumes, and quickly test content to increase exposure and sales. Working with our team, they prioritise and implement various tests to ensure their ads are constantly visible and profitable.

Effectively optimising product performances

They combined experiments with our Performance Module to drive great performance uplifts across the board for product driven marketing channels. They now manage bids at a product level to maximise their ROI and increase/decrease bid modifiers across device and location with extreme ease.

Delivering a proactive support to further drive growth

Constantly learning about their business and putting these learnings into practice when managing their highest revenue driving channels has been a great success all round. With our Customer Success Team, no stone is left unturned for their product growth and overall performance health.

The Outcome

PrettyLittleThing are now building extremely satisfying profitability

Since we began maintaining and optimising their feeds and content, PrettyLittleThing's online presence has noticeably accelerated, especially on Google Shopping. PrettyLittleThing works closely with our dedicated Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM) to help further optimise performance at a product level.

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Over the past 12 months IR have continuously worked closely with us & provided innovative solutions to drive our online revenues each month whilst maintaining our profitability. Our CSM, Sami, has been a real driving force for the amazing performance we have seen. We look forward to extending this success into other key product driven marketing channels through the year

Lillian Walker,

Marketing Acquisition Manager, PrettyLittleThing

The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5
Technology Vendor of the Year
Globas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product Service

The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

Capterra 4.5 out of 5Technology Vendor of the YearGlobas Business Excellence Awards Outstanding New Product ServiceThe Saas Awards Finalist 2021UK Business Tech Awards WInner
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