Trading Intelligence

Get access to detailed insights into your competitors’ products on each channel and marketplace, so that you can optimise quickly, accurately and continuously.

What's the Right Price?

Knowing how to best adjust product pricing based on your competition is a challenge, doing it manually is time-consuming and optimising continually, across all channels and marketplaces is near impossible.


Combined with our integrations across over 1400+ online marketing channels, our trading insights help you get ahead in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace by providing you with the necessary data to determine the perfect next trading action.


How We Help

The Trading Intelligence module provides detailed insight into your competitor’s products on each channel and marketplace so that you can optimise quickly, accurately and continually while saving time and money.  The module enables you to:

Compare prices against key competitors

Make informed pricing decisions

Compare across categories, sub-categories & product-level

Automate reports

Analyse your re-sellers’ pricing

Use your PC Score for optimisation actions

Time Efficiency


Because we conduct pricing research for you, the Trading Intelligence module cuts time significantly by providing in-depth pricing insight.


This increases productivity within your pricing and buying teams and allows you to focus on core business priorities.

Increased Customer Conversion


Optimised pricing ensures your products are outperforming the competition by being optimally-priced for customers’ looking for a particular product.


Accurate pricing drives customer conversion while boosting profit and revenue.

Enhanced Product Visibility


Access to flexible pricing and automated reports helps you ensure that your products are driving profit and are everywhere consumers are looking for them.


Products perform well across all channels and marketplaces at all times without harming stock levels.

Want to find out more?

Download the Trading Intelligence datasheet to find out more about how our platform can help you.