Product Data Management

Unify your product data to deliver complete, accurate and attribute rich data feeds.

Product Data is the Lifeblood of eCommerce

Offsite product discovery (e.g. Google Product Listing Ads (PLA), Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), Amazon Ads) is a vital source of retail revenue, growing by more than 23% in 2017, with product ads converting 30% higher than conventional advertising.

Offsite Product Discovery Growth


Product Ad vs. Traditional Ad Conversion


YoY Google Product Listing Ad Spend


YoY Facebook Dynamic Product Ad Spend


Source: Merkle, Digital Marketing Report

How the IR Platform Helps

Offsite product discovery is set to continue to grow in importance and product data is vital to success, impacting relevancy, visibility and click rates. To stand out in this increasingly crowded part of the market, retailers and brands must ensure their product data is up to date, complete and relevant. Continual management of product data ensures your products are distributed to the places they will be found by consumers, in the best possible format.

Visualise, filter & edit product data

Set up rules to control your product data

Check your master feed health

Manage product labels

Get partner specific feed validations

Highlight product data issues

Automatically fix data issues

Distribute across 1400+ channels

Set up and manage feed exclusions

Experiment with product content

Complete marketing agility


Marketing and ecommerce teams can create, manage and optimise product feeds at scale for multiple partners, meaning time-to-market is reduced, as well as cost, without involving your IT team.


The module puts power back into the hands of your marketing teams, freeing up IT to focus on core projects.

One centralised interface


Manage all your product data from across your business in on one centralised interface that allows you to visualise and amend data issues at scale in a short amount of time, resulting in high quality, attribute rich product data.


This in turn drives better customer experience, clicks and higher conversions.

Improved Product Exposure


The ability to continually manage and improve your product data feeds at scale ensures accurate, high-performing product data across all channels.


The results: higher performing ads and enhanced ranking visibility which in turn drives customer clicks and revenue.

“What the Intelligent Reach platform brilliantly allows us to do is to automate, to enrich and normalise all our data, match it to our categories and then automatically publish it to live. This is fast, efficient, and most importantly it doesn’t require manual insight into publishing it. This keeps our costs down, enables us to get product to market quicker, and it gives us a real competitive advantage.”


Colin Saunders, CEO, Open for Vintage

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