Off-site Content Experimentation

Scientifically prove what product content will work best on a given channel, based on metric-driven testing and product data optimisation.

What Difference Does a Word or an Image Make?

Using the right terms and images has always been a guessing game for ecommerce and marketing teams. The need for accurate, evidence-backed product content has led to the development of our Experiment module, which helps take the guesswork out of the equation by pro-actively looking at content such as product titles, types and images from different angles and measuring the impact it has on KPIs.

Product Title

70% Orders*

Product Images

25% CTR Wow*

Product Category

34% Revenue*

*example of what our customers have achieved.

Our Experimentation Module


The Intelligent Reach Experimentation Module helps you understand what is most relevant to your buyers’ search intent and visualise the impact on your KPIs.


AB or MVT tests provide accurate, scientific analysis of different product content formats.

Test Product Titles
Test Product Images
Test Product Categories

Drive Real Performance through Informed Decisions


Scientific experiments, unlike guesswork, transform decision-making into a factual, proof-driven process. IR’s ability to conduct metrics driven-testing and optimisation of product ads has revolutionised the way retailers and brands drive performance.

Experiment and Optimise at Scale


Having access to and collecting large amounts of data gives you the ability to drive business growth by running simultaneous, reliable experiments.


By managing your product data and experiments in the same platform, you can assess ideas quickly and optimise your product data accordingly, quickly impacting ad performance and driving incremental revenue.

Get a Competitive Edge by Predicting Trends


With ecommerce constantly changing the rules of the game, it’s difficult to stay on top of what works best on each marketing channel. Experimenting with your product data first will give you a competitive advantage by letting you know what makes the biggest difference, before your competition learns how to capitalise on changing trends.

“Working with Intelligent Reach provides us with a platform for managing and optimising our product feeds, with specific expertise that we don’t have in-house, helps us improve our product ads across multiple channels and provides us with a regular service that is also available to us when I am not in the office.”


Public Desire – Laurence Taylor, Acquisition Manager

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