Solutions for Agencies

Get your clients' products found and purchased more often with augmented product data and scientific off-site testing.

Integrate with the Channels That Will Drive Your Clients’ Business

With over 1400 channel partners, you have complete freedom to select and integrate with the channels that best serve your clients’ target audiences.

Optimise Product Data for All Your Clients, in One Place

Optimise your clients’ product data and efficiently distribute it to sellers and channels around the globe. Thorough product data management and optimisation on the IR Platform means that your clients’ product data will always be ready and in the best format possible.

Experiment on Off-site Channels at Scale

Run sophisticated experiments on product titles, images and categories to ensure that your ad campaigns drive maximum visibility and profit for your clients at scale. Run different types of experiments simultaneously and make all the changes in one place.

95% Increase in Conversion with IR’s Off-site Experimentation Tool for Rakuten Marketing

The RMJP team have successfully leveraged the IR platform’s Experimentation Module in order to optimise product data for their client’s (Sanyo iStore) marketing channels, to hone and control product visibility, whilst also increasing CTR’s, Conversion Rates, Revenue and ROAS.

“We’re happy to have a great partnership with Intelligent Reach in the Japanese
market. Their powerful experimentation tool allows us to prove significant
improvements in ad performance due to product data optimisation.”


Rakuten Marketing Japan – Nozomu Miki, Office Manager of New Business Development