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Are you selling as much as you could on Google & Bing Shopping?


Product Listing Ads have revolutionized how shoppers search and ultimately purchase products online. Starting as a set of ads in the search engine results page, PLAs have now become a must have for any ecommerce advertiser.


Google and Bing both have both launched shopping campaigns which offer specialized segmentation and bidding strategies for your PLAs. It’s not enough to be there, you need to leverage this channel better than your competitors. Identify your performance results on the Intelligent Reach platform to effectively allocate the right spend to the appropriate platform.

Social Commerce is exploding. Are you a trail blazer or a follower?


The growth in dynamic product ads is believed to be an important factor in the 86% year-on-year jump on social ads spend in Q1 2016, according to Kenshoo data. And dynamic ads, coupled with growing Instagram advertising, helped push social spend in Q1 2016 higher than Q4 2015, going against typical seasonal spend patterns.


Intent-based retargeting makes ads less intrusive allowing advertisers to show personalised ads based on indiviual behaviour and interaction with their products online. This is why, to date, more than 2.5bn unique products have been uploaded to the dynamic ads for Facebook format.

And hundreds of other partners on these channels…


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Are you leveraging Chinese ecommerce growth?


One of the most disruptive changes in the Chinese consumer economy this year has been the striking growth of ecommerce. Private online consumption is projected to surge by 20% annually through 2020.

Alibaba through its properties Taobao and Tmall, is the biggest ecommerce platform, used for everything from clothing to the most random products. This is followed by JingDong (JD) & Suning (both focusing on electronics).


All these companies can be great channels for your products. Many of them (Tmall, JingDong, XiaoHongSHu, Jumei) have a cross-border section for foreign companies. It is critical to seize opportunities, or be left behind.

Thinking ahead – South-East Asia


Southeast Asia is becoming one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for ecommerce revenues, exceeding US$25 billion by 2020.  Alibaba announced that it would pay $1 billion for a majority stake in regional marketplace Lazada. Late last year, China’sJD.com set up shop in Indonesia.

Despite the widespread digital adoption, only one in four consumers over the age of 16 in the region has ever made an online purchase. But the market is rapidly changing.


Some product categories, such as clothing and travel, are beginning to score big. Forward-thinking retailers are investing to maximize the potential of digital channels in Southeast Asia.