Our Product Data Creation Features

Make sure your products have all the required attributes. Ingest from different sources, extract data from your website or sync it from your ecommerce platform.


Unify disparate data sources from across your business.


Merge multiple data sources. Take EAN’s and other key product information from your PIM or ERP.  Link it with your price books for each market (including those for the upcoming sale).  Add in stock position from an API we query every 15 minutes.  Mix in a category file, plus top sellers and margin data. Our platform can easily blend these various sources to create the basic building blocks for great product data.

Your data is missing vital product attributes.


Our proprietary technology can extract any content directly from your website, whether it needs to build your entire product data set from scratch or go through looking for supplementary data which is missing from your standard product feed. We provide our IP address and liaise with your IT team to ensure we visit at non peak times and they know who we are and what we are doing.  Our technology actually simulates around 10 visitors to your site and is non invasive, the only impact we will have is a positive one.

Seamlessly synchronise data directly from your ecommerce platform.


Automate the syncronisation of your product data and order status to the Intelligent Reach platform and ensure data going to your marketing partners is as accurate as possible, including prices and stock levels, for all your products. Manage orders placed on multiple marketplaces across the globe seamlessly from your ecommerce platform. See all the performance metrics required to power product level performance optimisation and deliver more profitable sales revenue for your business.

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