PrettlyLittleThing Case Study

Prior to working with Intelligent Reach, PrettyLittleThing found it difficult to create optimised feeds at scale, and thus were not fully leveraging their online marketing potential.

Since Intelligent Reach began maintaining and optimising their feeds and content in June 2015, their online presence has noticeably accelerated, especially on Google Shopping. PrettyLittleThing work closely with their dedicated Intelligent Reach Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM) to optimise performance at a product level.

UK Google Shopping Performance

Orders Increase YoY
ROI Increase YoY
Revenue Increase Yoy
Clicks Increase YoY


Over the past 12 months IR have worked closely with us, continuously providing innovative solutions to drive our online revenues each month, whilst maintaining our profitability. Our CSM, Sami, has been a real driving force for the amazing performance we have seen. We look forward to extending this success into other key product driven marketing channels through 2017.

Lillian Walker, Marketing Acquisition Manager,

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