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Google to Retire Magento, BigCommerce & PrestaShop Integrations

In a series of emails sent to merchants using the integrations, Google recently announced they will be retiring the feature as of March 20th, 2018.

"We are writing to you today to let you know that we're retiring the existing Google built ecommerce platform imports with BigCommerce, PrestaShop and Magento. We're retiring these imports in order to better focus on solutions that will make the Shopping Ads onboarding a more seamless experience. We're continuing to work with ecommerce platforms to explore more frictionless integration opportunities."

Google goes on to recommend merchants to start exploring other solutions and "refer to their platform’s apps or third-party providers for additional assistance" in order to continue submitting their product data to the Google Merchant Centre. 

Google's Ecommerce Platform Integrations 

Ahead of the 2016 holiday season, Google announced their partnership with three leading ecommerce platforms: Magento, BigCommerce and PrestaShop. These technical integrations were built to help merchants using the ecommerce platforms easily submit their product data to Google.

Currently, product data that already exists on these ecommerce platforms is being populated in the Google Merchant Centre without having to be submitted separately, saving time and resources. 

big commerce.pngmagento logo.pngprestashop.png

How Does This Impact Merchants?

As of 20th March 2018, all product feeds currently submitting products directly by using the feature, along with all associated feeds, will be removed and will no longer be sending product data to the Merchant Center. By failing to find another method of importing product data into the Merchant Center in time, your products will no longer be seen on Google, causing you to miss out on sales.

How to Bypass Changes Such as This One

With less than two months to go, merchants using the Google solution will need to find an alternative method of submitting their product data to Google, ideally without compromising speed and resources.

We suggest you plan ahead and explore a solution that bypasses inconvenient changes, such as this one, entirely, for any partner.

Intelligent Reach helps you orchestrate one product feed to many in perfect format, for hundreds of pre-integrated channel partners such as Google and seamlessly send it, optimised and in the right format, to the different channel partners you sell through.

We help retailers & brands optimise the offsite product discovery journey, ensuring no matter how many or which channels your ideal customers interacts with, they will find your products and convert, be it either on your site or on 3rd party marketplaces.




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