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Google Brings Its Shopping Ads to Youtube

Here comes the next phase in Google’s e-commerce expedition.

Google have recently introduced paid listings to their YouTube community, similar to the shopping ads where search query results appear as an ad for consumer goods and services - now they will also appear on Youtube videos.

Youtube Shopping Ads will operate within True view ads (skippable clips prior to the main video). This is how they work:

  • A consumer is searching for an eye make-up tutorial to find a ‘how to achieve a smokey eye’, shortly after the video has been played a Trueview ad may be shown.
  • A few seconds into the ad, a panel will appear directing the viewer to the advertisers domain.
  • If the viewer expresses interest and clicks on the ad they will be shown various make up products with product prices appearing in a 'carousel' type ad format.
  • The viewer can then click on the ad which will lead them directly to the product page where they can purchase products that can help them achieve the smokey eye look.

The ads will work in both desktop and mobile!

An added benefit is the ability to control your Call-to-Actions (CTA). Advertisers have control over the details and attributes the ads display. CTA’s may vary depending on the device used by the end facing consumer, or consumers may want to alter CTAs depending on demographics or geographical location, such things are fully controllable.

Product review videos/how to videos have leaped 50 percent year-on-year. This research plays a huge part in the launch of the innovative integration. A recent study shows that over million Youtube channels and video blogs are based specifically on product reviews.

Brands that have tested the recently introduced platform have been very impressed with the results. Brand recognition and revenue increase per impression has improved significantly just by opting in for the Google shopping ads on Trueview.

If you would like to get started with Trueview shopping or need a helping hand in setting up your video ads get in touch today.

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The Award-Winning PLatform, Loved by OUR Customers...

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