Invest in Optimised Product Feeds To Accelerate Your Online Presence

Product or data feeds have a functional and practical application to help your products become more attractive to the biggest and smallest shopping channels on the web. Accurate and rich product data will allow comparison shopping engines (CSEs) such as Google Shopping and marketplaces such as Amazon to boost the presence of your products, but that first step can seem a little difficult at the beginning.

Our experienced team at Intelligent Reach have been creating and offering support to create optimised product feeds for our wide-reaching clients across the world and this is what sets us apart from the rest. We aim to turn your products and their data into a comprehensive product feed that will act as the key communication between your products and CSEs, but we do more than just that with your product feeds.

What makes our product feed services different at Intelligent Reach?

The IR Platform on which you can manage and control your product feeds has a number of important benefits for your company. Your agility in the market and ability to change and alter product feeds when required will be improved through the use of our intuitive system.

Optimised product feeds from our team at Intelligent Reach can help you increase revenue while decreasing CPC. If you are interested in how we can make this work, speak with us today.