Ego Case Study

Founded in May 2015, Ego’s story starts on social media, as they shared photos of shoes on Instagram. Then people wanted to buy their shoes and so began the online shopping store for a target of 16-25 year-old female students and young professionals that want fashion shoes that are a bit risky and not in your everyday shoe shop.

“Now, we have the information whenever we want it. The Intelligent Reach platform lets us look at all sorts of information that would have taken a long time to access previously. We are well-informed all of the time and can look at each product margin individually and decide what the ROI should be, and therefore what our pricing and bidding prices can be.”

Usman Riaz, Managing Director, Ego


Learn how Intelligent Reach improves the visibility of how campaigns are performing and creates an environment where digital marketing is working more with merchandising to impact product strategy.