We Can Transform Your Product Feeds

Want to get your products discovered by customers who actually make a purchase? It’s our job at Intelligent Reach to make sure that happens.

With many experts predicting the death of the high street, the world of e-commerce is more important than ever, and understanding what is relevant to your customers’ online search is crucial.

Intelligent Reach specialise in optimising your products feeds to ensure all information is tailored to attract higher converting buyers. We can improve all aspects of your product data and use scientific testing to drive conversion.

Key benefits include accelerating time-to-market, increasing new customer acquisition, improving product exposure, maximising returns on ad spend, and increasing product ad conversion.

Increase your visibility while attracting more customers.

Whether you want to improve your Google product feeds to attract more customers on eBay, Amazon or Facebook, our team are true experts at optimising your online data. We can help you get to market faster with relevant product data across 1400+ global channels and marketplaces, whilst reducing the burden on your IT department.

We are used by many of the best known companies in the UK, including Asda, Topman, Ryman, River Island and Topshop, so why not find out how we can help you?

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