When it comes to selling products online, you must consider everything from the titles and product description to the list price and the images you use. Everything must work together to appeal to the consumer as much as possible, especially if your products are advertised on a competitive platform like Google or Amazon.

Many companies choose to use data feed providers like Intelligent Reach for exceptional product data management.

We know all the tricks required for creating effective product data which attracts the customers you want. Our experts have access to industry trends, product data best-practices and webinars, and can offer top quality tips to improve your data feed.

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Whether you promote your products on Google, Facebook, Amazon or eBay, Intelligent Reach are dedicated to producing high-quality product information in the right format which helps you be found by the consumers you need.

As data feed providers, our services including pulling product information from many sources and visualising it in one place. We will identify any possible improvements and fix missing terms, colours, image and more.

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