Seeking A Google Shopping Optimisation Company?

As the years pass, it is becoming clearer that the future of shopping lies predominantly on the internet. It has already been trending this way for years, but now with the high street retail industry suffering like never before, it is easy to see that being found online is more important than ever.

Intelligent Reach is a cloud-based ecommerce platform providing helping retailers and brands ensure product information for shopping ads is high quality, relevant, in the right format and performing well with all partners, in all countries.

Simply put, we want to help provide our customers with increased visibility in shopping listings. We will increase the relevance of your clicks, so you are only getting the visitors genuinely interested in your product.

The Intelligent Reach Platform

Product Data Management – Complete and accurate data that allow us to increase relevancy and decrease CPC

Off-site Experimentation – scientifically test formats to optimise your results

Performance Management – Optimise performance at a product level, maximising ROI and reducing wasted ad spend.

Marketplace Management – Manage stock levels and grow marketplace revenue streams and improve customer acquisition rates.

As one of the top Google Shopping Optimisation Companies in the UK, Intelligent Reach can help you with any of your Google Shopping related queries. If you would like to talk to us, please contact us today by either filling out the form on our site, calling on 020 3965 6931, or emailing