Searching For A Product Data Feed Company?

Selling products online has never been more competitive- no matter what you’re selling. If you want to reach higher converting customers, an advert on Google’s product data feeds could be ideal.

While platforms like Google and eBay make it easier to advertise products, it’s crucial to have high quality, relevant information in the correct format to reach the right customers. Customers use product feeds to instantly compare product prices along with their attributes and availability.

A product data feed company can enhance your data, so it stands out from the competition, helping you be found by customers online looking for your specific products.

More about our company.

Intelligent Reach are dedicated to helping you achieved increased visibility in shopping rankings, more relevant clicks and ultimately, more sales. Giving you access to product data tips, trends, tips, webinars and more, we can help you compete on even the most competitive platforms.

We are a cloud-based ecommerce software provider who help retailers and brands ensure their product information performs well with all partners. In 2014, we secured a multi-million-pound investment from Scottish Equity Partners which has enhanced our core product, data quality and customer service teams.

If you’re looking for a product data feed company, discover more about Intelligent Reach today.