Product data is all the information about your product which is sent to a shopping channel, whether it’s Google, Amazon or eBay. The product feed usually contains an image, title, marketing copy and the attributes of your product.

The way your product is displayed, advertised and compared to competitive products makes a huge difference to its success. When you’re looking to improve your product data, you need to ensure that it’s fresh and relevant, accurate and easy to understand.

Is your product data reaching the customers you want?

Online shopping channels offer an incredible opportunity to promote a product in a unique way. If product data is of the highest quality, the customers should come to you, rather than the other way round. You will get more return on your ad spend by doing this.

If you’re looking for product data feed technology and services, Intelligent Reach can help you to increase visibility and get more relevant clicks and sales.

Through visualisation, identifying and improving product data, experimenting with titles and images and optimising the bidding process, Intelligent Reach can ensure your products get found by the most relevant consumers and increase your site visits and revenues.

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