Need To Improve Your Google Shopping Ads?

Do you feel your Google ads aren’t reaching the customers you need? Are you not making the kind of returns that make this type of advert worth the investment?

With online shopping more common than ever before, no company can afford to miss out on the chance to market their products online. An annual survey last year found that customers now purchase more products online than they do in-store. This rise in online shopping has largely been attributed to the use of smart phones.

Intelligent Reach offers a range of services to improve your listings.

Google’s shopping ads are one of the easiest ways to publicise your products, enabling you to show not only textual information but a photo of a product, no matter what it might be.

But it goes without saying there is a great deal of competition and it’s vital to tailor your ad to reach your unique demographic and the customers most likely to make a purchase.

With Intelligent Reach, you’ll discover services that can improve your Google Shopping Ads, using a mixture of technology and support to ensure your products are found more often. We work with over 1400 pre-integrated online partners all over the world, ensuring that product data feeds you send these partners are of the highest quality.

Find out how we can improve your Google Ads.