Need Google Product Shopping Feed Specialists?

Did you know, there has been recent changes made to Google shopping feed?

New requirements are being imposed for price comparison websites after the website was hit by a £2.1 billion fine by EU Regulators in 2017. This means Google has invited competitors onto its Google Shopping ad space on its main search page.

Whatever changes are made to Google product shopping feeds, the specialists at Intelligent Reach can help you reach the customers you need. We can help you survive and thrive as an organisation, enabling you to make the most of the competitive online shopping market.

Increasing your product visibility using the most efficient methods.

Intelligent Reach are true shopping feed specialists and can ensure your data is most relevant to your buyer’s search intent. Customers find the products they need from a variety of places, usually online, and pressure is growing for companies to reach the customers they need.

We understand that your IT team’s main priorities aren’t usually your product listings but optimising and maintaining your site. However,  your product data is of the utmost importance.

Intelligence Reach do the hard work for you, ensuring your data on any platform is optimised at all times. Ultimately, we can help you maximise your profitability in 2019.

If you’re looking for Google shopping feed specialists, simply get in touch today.

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