Need Experts In Google Product Feeds?

Are your Google ads not getting the attention they need? Customers often glance at an advertisement for only a few seconds before deciding to take a closer look.

The quality of your product feeds has a massive impact on your results. It’s crucial they contain the information most relevant to your buyers’ search, both when it comes to the text and images.

Whether you specialise in clothing, make-up or electrical goods, Intelligent Reach can increase your customer acquisition with the most high quality and relevant data. We are dedicated to honing your product data, ensuring it’s engineered to immediately appeal to your customer base.  

Our product data management offers many benefits, including the fact it can accelerate time to market, improve product exposure, and ultimately increase new customer acquisition.

We’ll ensure your data is as accurate as possible and has been scientifically tested to ensure its relevance. Our services include not only product data management but off-site experiments, performance management and marketplace management.

You can easily book a demo to discover how our platform operates. We not only improve Google product feeds but those on multiple platforms, including Bing, eBay, Facebook and Amazon.

If you need experts of product feeds, why not discover more about Intelligent Reach today?