Looking for Google Product Feed Services and Technology Platforms?

Do you promote your products on Google’s Shopping data feed but have found your sales aren’t improving? Is this something you want to change before the busy Christmas season?

It’s possible you’re getting a high number of clicks, but customers aren’t making a purchase, either because the product isn’t relevant to them, or they’re not impressed by the information presented in your advert.

Whatever you’re selling the competition is likely to be fierce, whether it’s make-up, clothes or electrical goods, and your product information needs to be as informative, readable and attractive as possible.

From the images to the text, your product advert on Google needs to be appealing in every respect; after all, you only have a limited amount of time to impress customers who might be thinking of buying your products.

Intelligent Reach can improve your Google product data, so you see increased visibility in the rankings, more relevant clicks and ultimately- more sales.

Always in touch with the latest industry trends, product-data-practices, webinars and data quality tips, Intelligent Reach uses a variety of techniques to improve your data feed.

With our product data management service and product feed management platform, we can ensure you stand out from the competition and you’re providing your customers with all the necessary information.

We can also analyse your product data to find out why it’s falling short and make sure the relevant customers find your products.