Looking For Experts In Product Data Feeds?

Do you want to improve your product data feeds in 2019?

With retailers reporting a massive drop in sales, it’s clearer than ever that the future belongs to online commerce. Last year there was an alarming number of high street retailers going under, and many are struggling to survive. Most recently, UK retailers have reported the worst Christmas since the 2008 financial crash took place.

Intelligent Reach understands that competition online has never been fiercer.

One of the best ways to stand out is to improve your product data feeds. We have helped many well-known retailers to optimise their data feeds, including Rymans, Benefit, Dyson, Halfords, River Island, Staples, Burberry and Snapfish.

We use tried and tested methods to enhance your product data. By improving your product data you can reap many benefits, including accelerating time to market, increasing new customer acquisition, improving product exposure, increasing product ad conversion, and reducing CPC and campaign costs.

Along with product data management, we also offer a wide range of other services to help you stay ahead of the game, such as content experimentation, performance management and marketplace management.