Google celebrates its 20th birthday this year, so what better time to use it to promote your products?

Marketing your products on Google can be a tricky business, especially since the search engine changes their algorithms quite frequently. But by improving your shopping ads you can make a huge difference to your marketability.

Intelligent Reach are focused on improving your Google Shopping Ads so they reach those higher converting customers you need. We do this through providing exceptional product information and clever bid management, along with experimentation and performance management.

Using the latest technology and support, Intelligent Reach can improve your visibility in the shopping rankings so you get more relevant clicks and sales in 2018.

Our team can help you manage many products feeds across multiple partners and countries. With over 1000 pre-integrated digital commerce partners available, we can easily get your product information out there and seen by the right people.

We’re constantly developing and evolving to serve your needs, with the company having secured a multi-million-pound investment from Scottish Equity Partners in September 2014.

If your current Goggle Shopping Ads aren’t working, why not find out how Intelligent Reach can help?