Improve your Google Product Listing Ads

Do you want your product listings to attract more customers in 2018? Perhaps you feel you’re wasting money on irrelevant clicks and want to ensure the right customers find your products in your January sale?

If your product information isn’t relevant, eye catching and of the highest quality, it won’t be reaching those customers who will actually go ahead with a purchase.

Whether your format is Google, Facebook or eBay, it’s important to make the most of the platform available to you by making sure all product data is relevant and clear, including the product descriptions and images.

Submitting your data in the right format is essential when it comes to creating successful ads that are worth paying for, especially on competitive platforms like Google product listings.

At Intelligent Reach, we help both brands and retailers transform their product data so it appeals to the shoppers they are targeting.

Our product data feed services and product data feed platform can identify any problems that might be holding you back, such as missing information on your feed. Our data feed management solutions can keep your Google product data feeds constantly updated to keep them relevant to customers.

With our data management services, your product data can undergo automatic content analysis and optimisation, with data validations run regularly to identify any issues. We can help you orchestrate multiple data feeds for hundreds of partners and territories.

Find out how to improve your product data feed today.