Google Product Listing Services

By far the easiest way for your products to be found online is on Google product listings. You’ve probably seen these appearing at the top of the page when you search for a product.

Whether somebody is searching for t-shirts, kettles or jewellery, having the right product information on the first page can make a huge difference. However, if an advert doesn’t reach the most suitable customers, it can be a waste of time and cost. In order to make the most of CPC (costs per click) adverts, it’s important to get your product information right – and targeted at the people most likely to buy.

If you’re looking to use Google product listing services, Intelligent Reach can help you reach the customers you’re looking for. We offer exceptional product information and clever bid management to maximise your visibility.

Whatever you’re selling, Intelligent Reach can help you achieve increased visibility, more relevant clicks and ultimately more sales.

In short, we can ensure your products are found by higher-converting customers. Many businesses have found that using our services has led to dramatic increases in revenue, with clients including River Island, Fragrance Direct and Misguided.

Whether you’re using Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon or Bing to sell your products, Intelligent Reach can get your products found and sold more often.