Exceptional Data Feed Management

Do you want to drive more sales by using data feed management? Are you tired of not attracting higher converting buyers?

Intelligent Reach is keen to ensure your products are found more often by offering exceptional product data management, leading to increased visibility, more relevant clicks and increased sales.

There are various ways to improve your data feeds, including optimising the quality of information and ensuring you meet the channel’s requirements, whether it’s Google, Amazon, Facebook or Bing. If any information is missing, it can lead to a negative shopping experience and fewer sales.

Intelligent Reach can improve all aspects of your data feed by using both the latest technology and support.

Make sure your product data is working to your advantage.

In order to create a quality data feed, you must make sure all the relevant information is included, including the best possible images of your products. These images should reflect your products in the most flattering light imaginable and important you can use experimentation to work out which images work best in optimising sales.

With our data feed management, you can increase your revenues by as much as 300%.

Our team will help you visualise and improve your product information, ensuring it’s in the correct format for the platform you’re using. Our services include a product viewer to sort, filter and edit all product data in one place.

Find out more about improving your data feed today.